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  4. Why is our owner a weeb?

    1. WazupSpenceR


      He's a true pro gamer duhhh all pro gamer's are weebs

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  6. false information

  7. If you see this consider following me and stuff like that. 

  8. Follow me on the forums if i'm toxic and a 12 year old

  9. id kill my family just to win a fortnite match

    1. parakoot



  10. I just won 1st Teens right 126+, 1st Mens Novice Right 0-165, 2nd Teens left 126+ at Minnesota State Arm Wrestling Championships



  11. More of my Arm Wrestling videos if you are interested 


    1. Anthony


      Daddy those muscles😍 

  12. can you check my ban appeal

  13. Rate my profile


  14. i have fallen into a depression.

    had to pee with a boner

  15. Nice profile pic

    1. Dex


      thanks its me

  16. rootbeer man


  17. I Misworded my last appeal. The people I killed were in the PD and not on the street. If you could look back into this it would be much appreciated.

    1. Dex


      Either way it was a minge raid, Seems like the only reason you raided the PD was to kill people. Personally I feel like this ban is justified & it will not be revoked.

    2. Huckaboof


      Minge Raiding is when you raid a base knowing they have nothing. What would be the point for the job to have a Unarrest baton knowing if you raided the PD you would get banned? Your used the word "seems" meaning you do not know. Not to make it personal but the only reason I am doing this is to get unbanned. Yes I did kill people with a bomb because it was a raid. Yes I died by the bomb too, but it was a Raid after all. I got charged for Mass RDM and nothing about a minge raid. Therefore it wasn't a minge raid nor Mass RDM.

  18. My profile pic represents my current feelings about what is happening in the forums.

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