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  3. currently beatimg up babies in orphanages :pog:

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  5. da trap phone

    1. Invising


      im using it rn cause I got grounded 😔

    2. phys


      thats a huge oof

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  7. Selling feet pics for in game money :) 

  8. yo anthony can you give me my wardrobe

  9. yo anthony can you give me my wardrobe

  10. Can we talk on discord?
    Little Caesars Breadsticks#8381

  11. do you like my new signature


    | _physical - Physic#1341

    Need help? Don't be afraid to DM me any questions!

    DRP Senior-Mod

    Radical Coder

  12. Who wants to play patty cake with me 😎

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    2. Cards


      i like the guy's response above me

    3. Invising


      @LeFleur only for you ❤️

    4. phys


    look how many profile views I have now 

  14. Ima be gone for a week starting Sunday because of summer camp. 

    1. ♚ honey

      ♚ honey

      Have fun with summer camp 😄

  15. Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right

  16. Hey you commented on my thread earlier and I bought the CC it even says on my account that I bought the custom class package did I somehow fuck up real badly? is there anyway to fix it. I bought it a long time ago almost a year ago now I just never tried to use it


    Capture cosmic.PNG

    1. Anthony


      Your item/package was disabled. Unknown of the reason but since this is the case, there's no possible way to reactivate it without rebuying it.

    2. [Jaeger] AVeryAngryGamer

      [Jaeger] AVeryAngryGamer

      ah ok sad gamer hours

    3. [Jaeger] AVeryAngryGamer

      [Jaeger] AVeryAngryGamer

      thx tho for responding


  17. somehow i just responded to this mans status and not his question


  18. woo 1000 content count great job

    Great Job Thumbs Up GIF by Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

    1. ThePump


      Ye, he doing great with all the "Denied" and the "Accepted" posts, (so many of them 🤯)

  19. What an absolute chad

    1. Recommendations


      You mean cutie

    2. ThePump


      Fr doe bluejay kinda smelly doe🤢

  20. What brand of dress shirt you wear?

  21. It's 𝕗𝕦𝕟𝕜𝕪 𝕞𝕠𝕟𝕜𝕖𝕪 𝕨𝕖𝕕𝕟𝕖𝕤𝕕𝕒𝕪


    Just letting you know

    1. phys



  22. i got banned for a  month because me and some guys were doing a fight cage and a random guy comes in while fighting and gets killed but reports me 1 time. not anyone else but me we told him not to come and whatever happens happens

    I dont feel like i did anything wrong i would like an unban

    1. Doctor Carly

      Doctor Carly

      Go to the Ban Appeals section of the forums and follow the format there for a chance of being unbanned

    2. Stapleface
    3. Burning elmo Moat.gg

      Burning elmo Moat.gg

      I feel you man, there is one guy that is trying to get me banned for something i didnt know happened


  23. imma just spit some facts real quick, some of these posts on the forums make me have a seizure, it's like they want me to be like Juice Wrld.

    1. Sexpants


      big fax

    2. -Gucci-


      bruh moment

    3. ThePump


      People cant read.

  24. imma just spit some facts.

    this topbar was betterchrome_p7EKFZ0KFh.thumb.png.76643d1c6aa24d4bc8d89e0f08bbed09.png

  25. When you think about it, darkrp is the face of modern day Gmod. Before I had Gmod all I knew was that it was mainly just darkrp and I wasn't really wrong. I prolly should have started playing darkrp on a different server though cause all my learning mistakes are gonna be on this server and I actually like this server haha

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