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  5. Got 9 hours of sleep. Just to drift back to sleep in class. Woke up because I move in my sleep and hit the PC I use with my legs. Gave me a heart attack.

  6. I wanna become staff but ion have 15 form posts 😟

    1. Invising
    2. Vahrient


      Become more active and known in the community, don't post farm and you should be okay.

    3. Randomidiot


      Even i need more post for staff. I think im only at 13 or something.

  7. Tired. Zzzzzz 

    1. KeetsOfficial


      Get some sleep.  I think you have earned it.

    2. Vahrient


      look at this chump (as Tony would say)

    3. ★ Flamin' Hot Cheetos
  8. OMG sorry dex diddent mean to send that

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    2. Riggs


      Above and below = Double Gay new fag Anything posted below will triple the gay and send it back.

    3. Vahrient
    4. SocialAnxiety
  9. You are a super i hate you got me banned from the staff team dex i wish for you to die

  10. tfw when you're waiting for an accidental ban to be reversed 🤣😂🤣

    confused travolta GIF

  11. Earlier
  12. I was banned because someone had accused me of MRDM multiple times to admin. So I said “I have proof against you” and I was jailed, and banned. I was banned for toxicity in OOC after saying one sentence. If I can’t talk in OOC, then what’s OOC for then? I would like to have my false ban lifted. Thank you


                                                                    -Dumbass Noah

  13. It's my fucking birthday 

  14. ngl tho i feel like stealing all of kindcream's potato chips

  15. No Way Reaction GIF by reactionseditor

    1. Vahrient


      it's okay, there's plenty of fish in the sea

    2. ★ Flamin' Hot Cheetos

      ★ Flamin' Hot Cheetos

      GMOD more like youtube

  16. sick puke GIF

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    2. ★ Flamin' Hot Cheetos

      ★ Flamin' Hot Cheetos

      That was on January 3rd. Reply when you're more active.

    3. parakoot


      that was thursday. reply when you're more active.


    4. ★ Flamin' Hot Cheetos

      ★ Flamin' Hot Cheetos

      That was Friday. Reply when you know what day you’re active.

  17. person above me is gay

  18. Person below me is gay

    1. ★ Flamin' Hot Cheetos

      ★ Flamin' Hot Cheetos

      Person below me is gay


    2. milford


      i mean ur not wrong

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