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  4. #BannedFor5Days #Can'tGetDaBossmanDown #FreeMe #ScamCity #SecondComing

    1. ChabulaChoo



  5. #FreeDaMan #Didn'tKnowTheNWordWasRacist

    1. Jibbhead


      #ImNotRacist #FreeMe #Didn'tKnowDaNWordIsRacist #ImBlack

    2. Felixx


      @Kush is also black. We’ll need to let him decide.

  6. I'll have you know i know zAnthony in real life

    1. Melon Boi
    2. Felixx


      But are you within walking distance of matthew1?

  7. my next move is to fart exquisitely

    1. Spingbing


      My next move is to fart like a ninja 

    2. Melon Boi

      Melon Boi

      Oh My God It' a Toot Ninja

  8. Machine whats your next move as owner of CosmicNetworks.co

    1. Melon Boi

      Melon Boi

      to become obama gaming

    2. Spingbing


      Adding pet entities into the game. Like a bird that flies near you at all times

  9. My ban was racially motivated

  10. I like how all the staff say the same thing like a bunch of brainwashed zombies

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    2. Melon Boi

      Melon Boi


    3. Yo soy Jack

      Yo soy Jack

      I may have done a little too much trolling

    4. Soap or Die

      Soap or Die

      #SigmaMale #CantKeepDaKingDown #Money #Free

  11. #ScamCity OnDaLeash


  12. Machine can I get free staff since you're owner?

  13. Machine is server owner.

  14. why do people keep saying im the server owner

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    2. a


      you own the server

    3. Melon Boi

      Melon Boi

      I'm gonna rdm you and then take over the server

    4. iamOre


      server owner

      Say cheese tiere animais GIF on GIFER - by Manardana

  15. Earlier
  16. the machine is the server owner

  17. Lefleur im mad at you.

  18. lefleur couldnt even go 24 hours without ruining his promise, what a dumb ass https://prnt.sc/1e9k0c8


    1. Melon Boi

      Melon Boi

      stoupid lfoora


  19. Sorry guys, I'm at 2021 posts so I can't post til next year

    ✌️ peace


  20. hiring personalized egirl 500k an hour 

    1. Melon Boi

      Melon Boi

      i'll make you a Emelon

    2. sLadEr


      I got an egirl but u need to give her creds 😉

  21. Poggers.

    1. CSi. Medinator

      CSi. Medinator


    2. disrespectfulgentleman


      pmg this is soooo poggers +1

  22. I am hungry

  23. Thanks to all the people who +1 my ban appeal.


  24. me when ban gets reduced

    cat sucking GIF

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    2. Melon Boi

      Melon Boi

      welp im off to go yank my eyes after looking at this

    3. CSi. Medinator

      CSi. Medinator

      With enough penis, anyone can get away with anything

    4. iamOre
  25. i get a two month ban for saying Nigeria but ppl out here say the hard R and get a week 😔

    Will Smith Prison GIF

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    2. Melon Boi

      Melon Boi


    3. iamOre


      free ex he dun nothin

    4. dior


      L staff team once again 😂

  26. @CSi. Medinator sorry med i accidentally killed a bunch of your guys

    1. CSi. Medinator

      CSi. Medinator

      Get Anomaly mod and then you wont want smoke >:)

    2. iamOre


      i'm in for a challenge, i'll get it after i finish the game 😠

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