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  4. what it do babyeeeee

  5. Just bought my 6th pen doe.

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  7. Best Profile 🙂


  9. When you walk, your legs move.

  10. Yesterday

    When I woke up

    The sun fell to the ground and rolled away

    Flowers beheaded themselves

    All that's left alive here is me

    And I barely feel like living...

  11. In my mind, there’s a boy who exists in chains.

    Inside a cold, dark room of painful solitude is where he will remain.

    Behind these walls, the sorrow is inevitable, as relentless as the passage of time.

    Mentalities corrupt and dark, brainwashed, and hopelessly blind.

    Prisons are packed with crowded spaces, lifers and guards with hollow faces.

    Shackled hearts afraid of changes, and weakened wills become complacent.

    Yet, I maintain with patience, time can limit but not shatter my will, strength blazed across my chest as solid as penitentiary steel.

    But the silence speaks, it tells me all I need to hear, it confirms my beliefs and its promises I have to fear.

    It reminds me that without freedom, I’m alone.

    And these whitewashed walls don’t make up for blackened souls.

    I’ve given 95% of my boys a handshake than a pound, before they were either locked down or buried off in cemetery grounds.

    What I’ve done is who I am, but who I am is what I do now.

    I won’t let up or cease to fight.

    Just time, I plan on doing it right.

    And what’s right lies within me.

    I’m learning to appreciate my struggle for it would be hard to find the joy of accomplishment without it.

    We live and we learn.

    We rise and we fall.

    Like the heartbeat of a sleeping giant, with bittersweet dreams.

    Stay up, never down.

  12. He Stood On The Bridge

    In Silence And Fear

    For The Demons Of Darkness

    Have Driven Him Here...


    1. fiffy


      Bruh momento

  13. I left my scooter outside the dairy. Nek Minute

  14. Bruh , it goes down.

  15. I thought at the time that I couldn't be horrified anymore, or wounded. I suppose that's a common conceit, that you've already been so damaged that damage itself, in its totality, makes you safe

  16. All gamers follow me

  17. Sup gamers. I would like to ask everyone if they could go follow me on the forums. (i'm just trying to get my clout up)

  18. mega homo

  19. Why is school so informational 

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      Enjoy school and the benefits while you're still in school. Once you're out, the world is a different place and no one is gonna hold your hand.

    3. -Tech-


      I mean you do have a point.

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  20. Why is our owner a weeb?

    1. WazupSpenceR


      He's a true pro gamer duhhh all pro gamer's are weebs

  21. false information

  22. If you see this consider following me and stuff like that. 

  23. Follow me on the forums if i'm toxic and a 12 year old

  24. id kill my family just to win a fortnite match

    1. parakoot



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