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  1. fucking hate schoooooool

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    2. Sphersta


      make sure you get a valentine 💔

    3. Cheerios


      I'm not in high school sadly.

    4. phys


      Lets be honest, No-one likes school


      Kindergarten was probably good though

  2. EU or US wow?

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    2. ChampionSmarts


      PVP servers dont exist anymore 

    3. ChampionSmarts


      I also main on silvermoon but that was due to my friend forcing me when I started due to RAF also if you want ill make points on why argent dawn is the best server for non rp things as well

    4. Invising
  3. Rate my forum profile. Thanks

  4. Happy late birthday I guess.

  5. Got 9 hours of sleep. Just to drift back to sleep in class. Woke up because I move in my sleep and hit the PC I use with my legs. Gave me a heart attack.

  6. Tired. Zzzzzz 

    1. KeetsOfficial


      Get some sleep.  I think you have earned it.

    2. Recommendations


      look at this chump (as Tony would say)

    3. Connor


      Sleep is for weirdos

  7. Best Profile 🙂

  8. Why is our owner a weeb?

    1. Hi-C the tag dealer

      Hi-C the tag dealer

      He's a true pro gamer duhhh all pro gamer's are weebs

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