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  1. woo 1000 content count great job

    Great Job Thumbs Up GIF by Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

    1. ThePump


      Ye, he doing great with all the "Denied" and the "Accepted" posts, (so many of them 🤯)

  2. why did you get supervisor


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    2. Little Caesars Breadsticks

      Little Caesars Breadsticks

      just gonna  stop talking before im about to embarrass myself

    3. Aljosha


      too late

    4. Sexpants
  3. He breaks my heart everyday 😞


  4. Welcome back to the staff team chump!

    1. Techtonic
    2. phys


      Welcome back, friend!

  5. Recommendations is the cutest staff, change my mind.

    1. phys


      Eh. Doubt it. Sphersta is the cutest.

  6. Happy late birthday I guess.

  7. Everyone better get ready for all of that "New year new me" type bullshit. 😂🙄🤦‍♂️

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    2. StarLoser
    3. Techtonic


      New Year and Tech comes back to staffing. 😳


    4. ^5Classy^2Buck


      ok but fr who still sayin that anyway??(unironically)

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