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  1. Help me I’m locked in his basement...



  2. He breaks my heart everyday 😞


  3. Anthony took a quick one in his shorts


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      Yeah I bet bro, those lolis will make it happen like that cuh. 🙂

    2. Hotspot Laser

      Hotspot Laser

      Anime Cute Girl GIFs | Tenor
      Anthony's Waifu

    3. Recommendations


      Yeah I hear that isn't his waifu anymore though brother

  4. Welcome back to the staff team chump!

    1. Hotspot Laser
    2. phys


      Welcome back, friend!

  5. A month or so from now we will be in a far far away galaxy.

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    2. XxScootalooxX


      Some god, probably. On a side note, can't wait for the kung flu.

    3. TonyLinguini
    4. TonyLinguini
  6. Legit can’t wait for coronavirus during Spring Break

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    2. Hotspot Laser
    3. pineaple


      My schools doing a meeting today to see if they should cancel after school activity or even cancel school.

    4. Invising


      Graduation, prom, every spring sport, the Military Ball, all after school activities, every field trip (rip going to Florida 😞), everything is cancelled, the only thing that has a chance of rescheduling is graduation

      everyone is on high alert now

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