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  1. Go piss your pants 😩

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    2. FoxJewels


      😫😫🥴🥴 making me feel some typa way with those words mishu 

    3. Robo
    4. Afton


      2 late I already went to bathroom like the big boy I am 😎 

  2. Hope you guys have a good day. Even though some of you were mean under my last status post :’) 


    1. Robo


      You good?

    2. Mishu


      Ya im chillin

    3. Call Me Ex

      Call Me Ex

      I like toothpicks smh they useful

  3. What if I depart next 😎 

    I give this a phat +1 

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    2. Call Me Ex

      Call Me Ex

      You litterally said we weren't friends smh you deserved it

    3. Loaf of Bread
    4. PatricktheHuman


      Why did i  +1 smh...

  4. anyone down for a double suicide? i think it could be fun. get ice cream and then just disappear. 

    1. Call Me Ex

      Call Me Ex

      For ethical reasons no, for fun reasons bet🐒

  5. i dont understand


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    2. Call Me Ex

      Call Me Ex

      Why do I keep thinking it's 2020😩😩😩

    3. HackGymnast


      wait its not 2020 😳

    4. PatricktheHuman


      ITS NOT 2020?!?!


  6. I just started crying because Medinator said @kxdok doesnt like me but he was joking 😎

  7. stop being so soft. 

    weak bugs bunny GIF

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    2. Robo


      It replied twice smh

    3. Call Me Ex

      Call Me Ex

      Will do 😔 sorry about that mishu

    4. bean bean

      bean bean

      bean bean

  8. Now that we’re done with that.. wanna see my renegade? 

    president obama lol GIF

  9. Monkey go brrrrr 

    Cat Rage GIF by Pablo Lopez

  10. shut up bitch 

  11. No Way Reaction GIF by reactionseditor

    1. Recommendations


      it's okay, there's plenty of fish in the sea

    2. Connor


      GMOD more like youtube

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