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  1. image.png.65efdefd793fe347f386088a37a6e95c.png

    Your messages are turned off :sadge:



    1. Call Me Ex

      Call Me Ex

      Don't blame him🙏

    2. gingergvp


      I mean I just wanted some assistance 😊

  2. I was told to raid the base and was told all the people on the doors and given supplies to raid. So i was informed of who was on the doors I just didnt know that I couldnt KOS him while he isnt in the base. So I had knowledge that he was based there.

  3. my vip won't work can you make me vip?


  4. i msged you

    1. Call Me Ex

      Call Me Ex

      Cmon lefleur respond to the message 😠

    2. CSi. Medinator

      CSi. Medinator

      Cmon lefleur respond to the message 😠

  5. 🤡🤮🤠

  6. 200 rep 😎

    flexing tyron woodley GIF

  7. i'm gonna say this in the nicest way possible


    Who the fuck is in your profile picture. Who hurt you to put that person in your profile picture. Is there anything I can do to help?


    thank you

  8. When the forum posts are at 500



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