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  1. It’s 4:30 AM and I can’t sleep damn I feel like death.

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    2. Lo6an


      We straight boolin 

    3. gingergvp


      Ok am I crazy now? Or is it somehow now 8:34

    4. Call Me Ex

      Call Me Ex

      I don't remember smoking but somehow it is 7:37am I swear to god

  2. Hello I would like to start off with an apology specifically to zee and everyone else that I have effected with my actions. Over the course of these past two weeks I have made multiple bad decisions which I regret. I was immature and shouldn't have jumped to conclusions when I didn't have all of the facts. Once again I am trying to grow as a person and I realized that I was really immature and that I know I could've done better. Overall this was stirring up a lot of drama and I am truly sorry for what I have done. I hope you can find the kindness in your heart to forgive my incredibly immature and stupid actions. 

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    2. CSi. Medinator
    3. RussTime


      I am a bit late but uhhhhhh, I respect Robo but also Kush and Zee. I hope this has been worked out and both sides are on good terms again. 

    4. RussTime



  3. I have one question and one question only.

    Why are some people betting money on my relationship to see how long it lasts?

    like that shit is fucked up. Have a good night.

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    2. KaBoop


      Well you should probably keep that shit in private messages cause the whole community doesnt revolve around your personal problems, I dont even know whats going on and I doubt that you cant just talk to them somewhere other than the forums

    3. SCP-106


      yeah i too have no idea who this is, or his relationships problems


    4. Waffles


      I can see why he put this on his status because he wanted to ask a question and get his point out there. It's not like he made a post about this. I think that yeah he could have settled it in DM's but he didn't and this is just another way of doing that. We shouldn't be criticizing people about this when they are obviously in destress and are having issues. As a knowledgable member of the community or especially a staff member I just don't think its right to criticize him when he's already upset. Instead you could give him advice or try and help him. It's alright Robo, don't worry about what others think. If you truly like her don't let others try and ruin it. If you ever wanna talk my discord is always open. 

  4. You guys should give me feedback on my new profile picture, Signature, and Background.

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    2. CSi. Medinator

      CSi. Medinator

      the tik tok ruins it lfmaooooooooo

    3. Call Me Ex

      Call Me Ex

      Robo turned eboy?

    4. Robo


      hell no


  5. It’s kinda sad My ex broke up with me a few days ago and it’s constant harassment from her and her four friends. They wanted me to shit talk to them and when I did they didn’t like the outcome and they got pissed turns out they wanted me to do it so they could kick me from their friend group. This constant battle has been going on for days and they finally got the best of me last night at 2 in the morning because they knew I let my guard down so they got me. She told me she was with her boy best friend while we were dating and me being me tried to be respectful but he kept bragging in my face so I told him that it’s ok because he will be a great lap dog and he will have my sloppy seconds. Did I do the right thing? 

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    2. Cwunchy


      Don't let girls who are meanies get you down. Sometimes it takes a bump in the road to learn from your mistakes, but it always gets better I promise. 🙂

      Also girls are annoying

    3. CSi. Medinator

      CSi. Medinator

      "Also girls are annoying" 


      Ok honey 2.0 😆

    4. Burger Mcjohnson

      Burger Mcjohnson

      I would've done shit worse than that. I say you took it like a responsible person. Good shit my man!

  6. The original sound of the monkey song

    1. Thoughtless


      Okie dokie then

  7. Me after finding out I got banned on forums

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