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  1. I believe freezing to death would be better, since then your body would become numb, ending in less pain overall

    1. Felixx


      Well I believe it would be more painful than heatstroke, but I have not done much research on heatstroke. But overall I do believe freezing would be better, since I prefer the cold anyways.

  2. I have decided i would rather burn to death than freeze to death, Please quote me on this - Snow can suck my dick

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    2. Gunter


      Phone data doesn't work half the time cause the cell towers don't even have power it feels like one of those dystopian movies where the phones don't work except for small intervals and it's driving me insane while I try to talk to my mom

    3. Gunter


      Not to mention it's a ice age up in this bitch at the same time so your huddled up in blankets while you can't do anything

    4. Gunter
  3. In texas right now power has come on the 2nd time and the oven is now my fireplace and home

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    2. HipsterLink


      Oh I know, I think over the last 72 hours I’ve been without power for atleast 48 of them. It really doesn’t seem this serious, especially compared to when I lived in New York lol 

    3. Synd1cate


      I enjoyed the snow until I lost power for 2 days and it became 50 degrees in my house. All my batteries are dead or dying and I don't even have any more anime downloaded to watch 😔

    4. Gunter


      I finally got a fire started

  4. Why's this guy doing man stuff like a dude

  5. man oh man man oh guy guy oh guy

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