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  1. Just Got my third jail... Ran around with a check because I got kidnapped and was going to pay him and then he shot me and the check (Destroying the Check) and called a sit. 🙃

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    2. hasu


      never been jailed b4 lol

    3. CSi. Medinator

      CSi. Medinator

      Welp melon just ended mans career 

    4. Spingbing


      Melon popped out with the video 👀

  2. I was told to raid the base and was told all the people on the doors and given supplies to raid. So i was informed of who was on the doors I just didnt know that I couldnt KOS him while he isnt in the base. So I had knowledge that he was based there.

  3. Just got my 2nd Jail feeling kind of quirky.... Didnt know you had also read the Faq and not just the motd.

     Sad Talk To Me GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

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    2. Melon Boi

      Melon Boi

      ha weak i got 4 (not counting the 32 others) 

    3. Patrick


      Wait i haven’t read the MOTD or the FAQ

    4. Waffles


      finna get u jailed a third time

  4. Quote

    I Love to RDM in my free time especially on cosmic...


    1. Call Me Ex

      Call Me Ex

      15 profile visits 🤨🤨🤨🤨

    2. Patrick
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