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  1. Your In-Game name:  Part West African

    Your SteamID(https://steamid.io/) : https://steamcommunity.com/id/CooperDeTrooper/

    Their In-Game name: "Pathos" And "Chaotic Entropy"

    Their SteamID(https://steamid.io/) : NA

    Time/Date occurred(MM/DD/YY) : 5-3-2021

    Explain why you are reporting and what they did wrong (Go into detail. . . It helps us know what to look for in logs!) :  They advert raided me when I was outside base trying to put KOS sign up. He sat behind me advert raided and Immediately killed me a second after. Then he threatened to call a sit on me because I came back and just stood outside the base (did not kill just say there and talked shit) and he reported me for NLR. The sit happened and Pathos asked if I broke NLR which I did and then didn't let me finish and immediately jailed me. Chaotic has received no punishment. Pathos said I needed to record him doing it which I think is bullshit cause nobody records 24/7 and I had witnesses but he said it was against the "rules" he basically just protected the kid because he put money into the server. Admins have been abusing this and letting people demote for roles for no reason and saying they cant do anything because of the "rules" NO other server operates like this and honestly I'm refunding my purchases I made through this server. 

    Additional evidence (If none, your case might turn up denied) : 

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