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CloneWarsRP In-Game Server Rules

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Last Updated: 7/27/20 - Changes are highlighted in yellow.

Jailing Threshold Bans

 If a player has met one of the jailing thresholds, they will be banned for the following times. The reasoning for this is because the player(s) are choosing not to read the rules and decide to break them countless times. Jailings are signs to stop breaking the rules and to fix their behaviors, it's not just a slap on the wrist. To enforce this, we will now be punishing players for reaching said thresholds:
15 JailPO's: 5-day ban.
25 JailPO's: 10-day ban.
35 JailPO's/Mass Ban-PO's: Permanent ban.

General Server Rules (Common sense)

  1. Do not harass, disrespect, or take any malicious action towards a user within the community.
  2. Do not shoot Republic Forces unless a valid reason is presented.
    2.a) For all Clone Battalions outside of Shock and SO BDE, the only valid reason to shoot a Clone specifically is in a simulation.
    2.b) For all non Clone Forces, as well as Shock and SO BDE, there are battalion specific policies surrounding this interaction.
  3. Do not FailRP, as a general rule you should behave how a Clone Trooper within the Republic would behave.
  4. Do not have your weapon out without valid reason during DEFCON 5.
  5. Do not use our communities game servers as a platform to advertise your shitty servers, discords, etc.
  6. Racism or any extreme forms of hate speech are not permitted.
  7. This is a SeriousRP server and as a result you should behave in character.
  8. All members of the Grand Army of the Republic must respect the in game hierarchy and listen to their superiors.
  9.  Attendance to in character briefings and debriefings when called is not optional unless you have an extremely valid RP reason to do so with permission.
    9.a) Permission to leave briefings can only be granted by the Marshal Commander, Jedi Master+, Jedi General+, and Vice Admiral+, or the Clone Advisor hosting the briefing.
    9.b) Leaving to train a CR is always a valid reason so long as you comms first to let shock know.
  10. Only officers and shock providing an RFA are permitted to use /advert.
  11. The orders of Clone Advisors (Event Planners) trump all others during missions.
  12. Disconnecting, switching jobs, or using any in character means such as jetpacks to escape staff or Shock persecution is not permitted.
  13. All members of the Grand Army of the Republic are required to follow naming conventions set by High Command.
  14. Asking to be whitelisted to jobs you are not given access to or “self promoting” is not permitted.
  15. PTS stands for permission to speak and must be respected.
    15.a) PTS is automatically active in Debrief and Briefings for all non High Command ranks.
    15.b) PTS can be called in any scenario by the highest rank in a room even if outside of briefings/debrief.
  16. Entering restricted area like battalion bunks or areas you do not have clearance for will result in immediate arrest.
  17. You cannot destroy other players Tactical Insertions.
    17.a) Event Characters can destroy players tactical insertions as a method to counter them wave spawning.
  18. AOS may only be called by Officers, Shock, Jedi Commander+, and Jedi who possess a rank of Knight or higher.
    18.a) You cannot AOS somebody higher rank than you, unless they have committed treason or similar offenses to lose their rank.
  19. Spamming of any type is not permitted.
  20. You may only have one Commander equivalent ranked position on the server at any one time.
  21. When on ship you are only to conduct trainings and tryouts in claimable areas or bunks.
  22. Use common sense, if you are being harmful and there isn’t a rule specifically disallowing your particular form of degeneracy, it’s still not allowed.
  23. Player Kills/Permanent Kill(PK) are used on the server. PK's are when a player dies and lose something.
  24. Soft PK's involve you losing your name, forcing you to change your nickname, never allowed to use your old one again. Example: 212th CMDR Dio is soft PK'd and is forced to change his name to 212th CMDR Emph.
  25. Hard PK's involve you losing your name & rank, basically a reset. Example: 212th CMDR Dio is hard PK'd and is forced back to CT PVT Emph. 
  26. PK's may be requested by Officers+, Jedi Master+, or Jedi Commander+. You need Supervisor+ permission to carry out a PK. Supervisor+ will decide if an authorized PK is hard or soft.  
  27. A PK may also be authorized without Supervisor+ permission, if the one being PK'd agrees to it.
  28. An authorized PK must then go through an admin+. They will authorize the way or the means that you use to PK the person you are authorized to PK. They must also supervise the entire plan and PK. 
  29. Downtime is when there are 15 players or less on the server. During this time all roleplay rules/laws are ignored. Though staff members may step in and enforce them if they believe you are excessively abusing downtime. Downtime is to hang out and chill with your fellow players, not to mass RDM, annoy players, or the like. This also means all regular rules still apply at all times such as you cannot mass rdm, disrespect other players, or anything along those lines.
    During auto-events/regular events however, downtime is invalid.
  30. If you resign from a battalion and go to unassigned, you may keep your rank. Though Admin+ may decide if you drop a few ranks or not.
  31. If you are removed from a battalion and go to unassigned, you will go back as a PVT. 

Claimed Area Rules

  1. SGT+, Base Ops, Jedi Commander+, and Jedi Knight+ may claim locations for training, tryout, of other purposes.
  2. Must /advert (Battalion/Group) claims (Location)
    2.a) First person to advert the claim gets the location.
  3. You may ask somebody to leave your claimed location, if they do not you may AOS them.
    3.a) You may not prop block your location under any circumstances.
  4. A group may only claim one location at a time.
  5. Must be physically inside of the room you are claiming.
  6. Below is a full list of claimable locations and what is permitted within them.
    6.a) Citadel - NPCs and Props
    6.b) Simulation Room - NPCs and Props
    6.c) Side Hangars - Props and NPCs, but with an NPC limit of 15.
    6.d) Main Hangar Bays - Props, but with a limit of 20.

FailRP Rules

  1. “Switching to stun” and then shooting a player is FailRP.
  2. Talking about OOC things in RP is FailRP.
    2.a) This doesn’t apply in the OOC lounge.
  3. No FailRP or lore character names are permitted.
  4. You cannot sit or stand on desks, peoples heads, etc.
  5. Bodygroup abuse in general is not permitted. You cannot have a visor with no helmet on, for example.
  6. Things that go severely against lore are not permitted. For example, you clone general cannot execute a civilian event character for absolutely no reason.
  7. No battalions except Shock and SO BDE are to open carry their firearms during Briefings, Debriefs, Officer Meetings, etc.

Clone Rules

  1. SO BDE only report to ranks equivalent to the Marshal Commander, Base Ops Officers, Jedi General, Jedi Master or their respective inter-regiment leaders.
  2. Shock only report to ranks equivalent to the Marshal Commander, Base Ops NCO+, Jedi Knight+ or their respective inter-regiment leaders.
  3. Shock may arrest people regardless of rank, nobody is immune to justice.
  4. Shock Officers have the power to strip a Jedi's authority if they deem it worthy, such as treason, killing clones without reason, etc. If such an action is taken against a Jedi, Shock have full authority at that time to detain the Jedi with or without force. A court-martial will be held shortly after by the Admiral, Jedi Council, or Chancellor.
  5. You may only have one Clone Character at any time unless you possess the VIP donation rank.
    3.a) If you posses this rank you may have two clone lives, but only one may be WO+.
  6. Shock Troopers and the Marshal Commander may enter anywhere on the ship regardless of permission or signs.
  7. All troopers must respect their superiors and listen to their orders.
  8. All SGT+, Base Ops, Jedi Padawan+ and Clone Advisors are to be called “sir”
    6.a) You do not need to call somebody who you outrank sir.
  9. All Clone WO+, Base Ops WO+, Jedi Knights+, Jedi Commanders+, and Clone Advisors are to be saluted.
    7.a) You do not need to salute somebody who you outrank.
  10. Clone battalions may only have one Executive Officer at any given time.
  11. There may only be one clone in a battalion that holds a commander rank.
  12. Clones must treat all Jedi with upmost respect and care. Failure to do so will be considered treason. 
  13. Clones do not have to listen to Jedi Padawans and below unless they hold the rank of Jedi Commander.
  14. Must follow all battalion/on ship policy put in place by the Marshal Commander and Admiral.
  15. Orbital Strike Controllers are only permitted to use their Orbital Strike once per user per mission.
  16. The Garrison Commander is the clone that holds the rank of Marshal Commander. That clone is considered high command and has full military authority over the garrisoning troops. They oversee the facility's operations and prepares the garrison for future war efforts.

Jedi Rules

  1. Jedi are not under any circumstances permitted to have black or red saber colors. They may also not have any colors that are close to that at first glance like dark orange.
  2. There must be a Jedi Council established within the order with the ability to remove the Grandmaster.
  3. The Jedi Council elects their own members into the Council, if there is not an established Council, the Grandmaster will assign Council members alone. Only Jedi Knights and above can join the Council. 
  4. The Jedi Council may only have three members excluding the Master of the Order and the Grandmaster. 
  5. You may only have one Jedi Character at any point in time.
    3.a) An exception can be made for the Grandmaster.
  6. Jedi, with the exception of Mace Windu and Yoda, only have full military power if they are attached to a battalion. Jedi Commander and Jedi Generals have full command and authority over their battalion.
  7. All Jedi must follow the rules set by the current order, failure to do so will result in a blacklist from the order.
  8. Devastators may never be used.
  9. You may not use any force healing abilities to reset event jobs, doing this even by accident will result in severe punishment.
  10. Non-lore battalion Jedi may only obtain the rank of Jedi Commander, not Jedi General.
  11. In order to become a battalion assigned Jedi, you must acquire Council or the Grandmaster's approval.
  12. Achieving the ranks of Jedi Commander and Jedi General are up to the complete discretion of the Jedi Council, Master of the Order, or the Grandmaster, but for lore reasons these promotions cannot happen during debrief.
  13. Gauntlet Hilts, Cross Guard Hilts, Snake Hilts, Five Blade Hilts, etc. are not permitted for use in any circumstance.
  14. Jedi Generals may be assigned to any battalion. However, Jedi Commanders may only be assigned to battalions where the clone commander is a lower rank than them. Clone commanders may not achieve the rank of Commander or higher if a Jedi Commander is assigned to their battalion. 
  15. A Padawan may not achieve the rank of Jedi Commander unless they are assigned to a battalion that has a Jedi General. If there is no Jedi General above them in the same battalion, they may not hold the rank of Jedi Commander.
  16. The Jedi Council has partial military authority, able to command troopers, unable to promote and demote them. They are considered the highest ranks besides the Chancellor.
  17. Jedi Generals are second to only the Jedi Council, they have partial military authority outside of their assigned battalion, able to command troopers, unable to promote and demote them.
  18. Jedi Commanders & Jedi Knights+ have minimal military authority outside of their assigned battalion. Only able to command troopers in desperate situations or when the troops have no one to command them. 


Use Of Service - #04372

• Cosmic Networks reserves the right to limit, revoke or suspend any player(s) access to its server(s) and/or service(s) at any time, with or without reason(s)/refund.

• You also recognize our community's rules and/or guidelines and if at any given moment Cosmic Networks deems you've broken any roles of any sort, we reserve the right to permanently ban you from all Cosmic Networks server(s) and/or service(s) with or without reason(s)/refund.

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