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  3. these nuts (this is my current status)

  4. this is bs and the person that started it aint even get bannd bs 


    1. Les Grossman

      Les Grossman

      Thanks dont need ya posting on my private profile for your appeals ^.^

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  6. can't wait for all the squeakers on this server, oh boy

  7. Make me admin please


  9. General Rules: A working, quality mic is required. Your character must have somewhat of a realistic name, nothing offensive or vulgar Being toxic, or breeding toxicity in any platform (this includes twitch, reddit, discord, etc) can have you removed from the community at any point in time. You must have a 30 seconds prior interaction with anyone before doing anything with them like mugging, robbing or killing them. In-Game Information: You must stay in character at all times If there’s an issue, completely role-play out the scenario and report the player if needed. Do NOT break character to tell the player that they have broken a rule. Do NOT use actions in game in order to bait others into breaking roleplay. Roleplay shouldn’t be stopped or become less serious before a server restart; it should continue as normal. (Restart will happen at 2:00 AM CT, and 2:00 PM CT) Looting any player without much roleplay presented for them is prohibited. Voice Identification (Voice ID) is not allowed if there is no prior RP beforehand. (if the person has changed clothes, you are to consider them as a stranger) The use of /me and /notes should be used as much as possible to help aid your scenarios. Motorcycles can not be used for starting crime, but can be used for switching vehicles five minutes into the chase. Metagaming: Definition: Using or relaying information that your character did not learn in-game or in character (IC). You may only use info your character has found out during roleplay. Twitch Streams and public Discord channels are included and may not be used to gain information for your character. (You may only use Gang, EMS, or Police specific channels on the Cosmic Networks discord server to talk in roleplay.) Being in a discord call and actively relaying information with others in the call (or actively getting information) is not allowed. (Example: If your character does not have a conceivable way to communicate with others via radio, phone call, text message, and your crew shows up.) Using information from another character, or your ‘cousin’ or ‘brother’ is not allowed. IMPORTANT: Metagaming is something that we take seriously. Any incident involving metagaming will result in a ban. Power-gaming/Fail RP: Definition: Power-gaming is the act of using an in-game mechanic, any external information, or a roleplay concept to favor their own character or story, and give them an unfair or unrealistic advantage. Not realistically fearing for your life when you are threatened with weapons or severe harm from other means. All exploits are considered power-gaming. Talking/Organizing/Calling out locations while downed. Finding the quickest way to make money, rather than roleplaying around the mechanic. Driving at unrealistic speeds with no character reason over and over. Attacking another player/group using a vehicle with the intent to kill/knock them out without valid reasoning or initiation. Speed (100+) attacking other vehicles (Ramming). Government employees not obeying road laws. New Life Rule (NLR): If you're downed and respawn at the hospital, your character has to forget the events that leaded up to them being downed. Not Valuing Life (NVL): Not fearing for your life when you are threatened with weapons or severe harm is considered NVL. You must be realistic as if someone pulled a gun out at you in real life, as you would fear for your life if this happened. Having non-spontaneous shoot outs at PD or hospital is not allowed. Antagonizing gangs/police or armed individuals for no character reason. Players should involve themselves into shootouts between two gangs or a gang and the police. Player Reports and Bans: Please use our website to report any player or appeal an unban. Please provide the characters Steam names and player ID which can be found by pressing the HOME button. Out of Character can be used if the issue is affecting the entire server. (Example: There is a cheater that is blowing everyone up.) /OOC usage: OOC Chat is restricted to problems found that will affect RP and is for things that cannot be handled in the forums or the discord. Multiple Characters: Try to avoid creating multiple characters involved in the same story/scenarios and could use the same information to push their goals. Members of PD/EMS/PDM/Real Estate are restricted to one job per character. One player can’t have two characters in the same previously stated jobs. Criminal Activities: Criminal activities are LIMITED to 4 players max at a time. Unless it’s with your gang, which is allowed up to 6. Rule of Heat : Always RP that there is police presence. Relaying information to or between characters (lookouts, radio communications) counts you as part of that scenario. You cannot start a robbery of any kind from bikes, you have to use cars for this. Your group may use a max of 1 vehicle max with any crime to run from the police. Vehicle setup is not affected by this rule; you can have as many escape vehicles as you want, you can only use a max of 2 active at a time. You may not scam another person for more than $100,000 You may only have one character in a gang. Gangs are whitelisted. Gangs are not allowed to form without staff approval. You are not allowed to shoot or attempt to kill EMS personnel but you may rob them. No major crime should be committed within 30 minutes of a restart (before or after) You can not impersonate a police officer with a full PD uniform. Choosing shooters/grinders over role-players is not acceptable. Gangs specific: Your Gang leaders can at any point with sufficient RP DOA your character. When ever you join a gang, this is something you MUST accept to. Twitch and Livestreams: Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any violations on Twitch, YouTube, or any other streaming platforms that may occur while playing on our server. It’s YOUR responsibility if anything is to happen on your stream. If you are a streamer and or player, you must follow all of the TOS for Twitch. Click here to view TOS. It is prohibited to obtain In Character (IC) knowledge through chat or through the stream. Any attempt to RP in that scenario is not valid and will be considered meta information. For Clips and VOD: You are only allowed to use them for court cases and tickets. Having a body cam is only limited to police officers and EMS personnel. Any attempt of stream sniping or griefing using the stream is considered metagaming and power-gaming.
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