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DarkRP In-Game Server Rules


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Last Updated: 7/30/22¬†- Changes are highlighted in¬†yellow with ūü館†next to the category.

Jailing Threshold¬†ūüĎ®‚Äć‚öĖÔłŹ


‚Äʬ†If a player has met one of the¬†jailing thresholds, they will be banned for the following times. The reasoning for this is because the player(s) are choosing not to read the rules and decide to break them countless times. Jailings are signs to stop breaking the rules and to fix their behaviors,¬†it's¬†not just a slap on the wrist. To enforce this, we will now be punishing players for reaching said thresholds:

15 JailPO's: 5-day ban.
25 JailPO's: 10-day ban.
35 JailPO's/Mass Ban-PO's: Permanent ban.


General Guidelines¬†ūüďö

  1. Do NOT RDM (you cannot kill others randomly), break NLR (you cannot come back to the place you were killed for 5 minutes).
  2. Do NOT spam any form of chat or mic spam (Hobos and Musicians are an exception).
  3. You're not allowed to block off the following public areas: Streets, sidewalks, public areas, roads, etc.
  4. Threatening to attack the server or community or posting any sort of links/numbers/addresses, even in a joking manner, is not tolerated/allowed.
  5. Abusing/exploiting or attempting to do any of these will result in a permanent ban!
  6. Anything that revolves around modifying your Garry's Mod files at all, or using a program/script/macro for any situation isn't allowed.
  7. Community staff members have the final say in situations
  8. NO mega-basing (unless you get permission from a Supervisor or higher, which rarely happens).
  9. You cannot have multi-adverts (PD RAID/MUG/COUNTER, etc.). 
  10. NO troll names (Names that are all symbols or are racist, offensive, impersonates another player, etc.)
  11. Do NOT target players. Any sort of targeting or witch hunting can and will be met with serious consequences. 
  12. Do NOT metagame (the act of telling another player information the would not usually know. This includes dying in someone's base and then telling your friend how the base is set up)
  13. Do NOT prop kill/prop surf/prop quake/prop climbing or tool-gun spam. (You may be jailed or banned)
  14. Do NOT advertise other communities or forums (will result in a permanent ban)
  15. Do NOT be excessively disrespectful to players. (calling them any explicit or vulgar words repeatedly will result in warning/kick and/or possible ban)
  16. "It is not in the MOTD" is NOT a valid argument/excuse.
  17. Loopholes of any form are not tolerated/allowed.
  18. Hacking is your account's responsibility. We don't care who actually hacked; whether it was your brother, sister, turtle, etc; It's your account, take responsibility and keep control over it.
  19. God-mode checking any staff member, crossfire, Fear-RP or 'KOS if near' is NOT allowed/a thing on here (Crossfire can be fully determined by a staff member).
  20. Racism and/or racist comments/names are not tolerated at ALL.
  21. Do NOT scam a player, whether it be out of money or an item. (If you do not give them what was agreed upon, your money will be reset and possibly other things depending on the situation. Either way, that player will get their item they paid for/earned.) (You have no protection against selling in-game items for IRL benefits.)
  22. Selling In-game Items, Perks or Abilities for IRL benefits are not allowed and could result in confiscation of item or bannable offence.
  23. Fading door abuse is not allowed. (Opening a fading door using the bound key is considered fading door abuse - (Use your keypad/button!) With the exception of casual usage to enter the base/home.)
  24. Voice changers, soundboards or anything that manipulates your voice is a gag-able/kickable/bannable offense.
  25. If you were raided, you must wait 30 minutes on the server before logging off (only applies if entities have been stolen from the base).
  26. If any entity was stolen from a property owner, they are required to wait 30 minutes before logging off (only applies to stolen property that was not gained from being raided).
  27. RDM bases are not allowed unless you're the Fight Club Manager job which allows you to make one (Refer to Fight Club Manager job rules).
  28. You cannot sell your RP job for DarkRP Cash.
  29. Roleplay shouldn’t be stopped or become less serious before a restart; it should continue as normal.


Assault & Killing Rules¬†‚öĒÔłŹ

  1. You can kill someone in your base if they're trespassing on your property AND you have a KOS sign.
  2. Do NOT randomly stun-stick people for no reason.
  3. Do NOT bait players to attack/kill you by shooting around them, taunting with arrest baton, warning for no reason, etc.
  4. If you are weapon checked without consent, you may kill the individual who searched you in self-defense.
  5. When you're in an RP situation such as shooting/killing someone or being shot at, you cannot use your Lightsaber, Jetpack, Hoverboard, Grappling hook or Big Glock to run away from/to the RP. (You are only allowed to use these weapons when there is a RP bombing in progress).
  6. Banned players may be killed/arrested without reason.
  7. Players within the vicinity (indicated by the red circle) of an airdrop are KOS to those capturing the airdrop.


Warning Rules¬†‚ö†ÔłŹ

  1. You must advert warn a player three times, with a 5 second interval between each warning, to stop the action that they are doing. This action must be within the logical scope of roleplay (warning for mic spamming, following you around, etc).
  2. Since warning is a way of self-defense, you must be the person responsible for killing that individual(it cannot be a clan member, PD officer, etc). You may not arrest, restrain, kidnap or do anything else besides killing the individual after warning.
  3. All warnings must be directed towards an individual. It is not allowed to warn a group or towards no one in specific(this also applies to consecutively warning no one until stumbling upon someone to kill them).
  4. The individual being warned must be actively aware that they are getting warned and must be told to stop their action consecutively.
  5. Warning an individual to go away / back off from a base without them being disruptive or chaotic in any way is not allowed.



  1. "KOS if touching base" or anything revolving around that nature, is NOT allowed. (These cannot be proven in logs and as such, are not allowed)
  2. All text on text-screens must be fully visible, sized correctly and must be in ENGLISH. (No KOS signs with small text or barely/partly visible transparency)
  3. All KOS signs should be a minimum of 45 in size.
  4. Loitering signs, inappropriate words/insults/slurs or KOSing jobs/players on text-screens are NOT allowed.
  5. You must have some sort of money-making entity inside your base or be any job under "Sales and Service" in order to have a KOS Sign on your base.
  6. Signs MUST be specified clearly. ("KOS all reasons", "KOS if being annoying", "KOS if not wanted" or anything revolving around that nature isn't allowed)
  7. You cannot have a Building and KOS sign together.
  8. All text must be ENGLISH.
  9. You are not allowed to KOS anyone in areas you are providing a service to (Ex. KOSing players in the region of your sale/service entities.). You can, however, KOS players if they have weapons, raiding tools, stealing, past a certain point such as a counter or backroom, etc (If specified on a text screen).
  10. Do NOT make a KOS sign for a base just to kill players.
  11. KOS Signs must be stated outside of the KOS zone/area.
  12. If your base is considered a clan base, the first line of your text-screen must either contain your Clan Name or "Clan Base" with-in the text.


Building & Basing Rules¬†ūüŹėÔłŹ

  1. You can ONLY have one base and can only defend one base.
  2. The original owner of the base can ONLY setup base defenses. (External Entities cannot be used for defensive purposes)
    ‚ÄĘ With the addition to the rules 1 and 2 above, the "Toggle Clan Ownership" feature allows anyone in the specified clan to base and defend that particular¬†building. This however, disallows everyone from basing and defending any other buildings.
  3. All keypads/buttons that are connected to a door must be placed on/by the fading door and must be visible at all times.
    ‚ÄĘ 3.a)¬†You cannot put¬†keypads in a small basket/container.
  4. While you must have a keypad/button on each side of every fading door, you may only have THREE fading doors in the entire base.
    ‚ÄĘ 4.a) You are allowed to have 1 extra fading door for other things, such as a vault for your printers. (This extra fading door cannot be used for any base defense).
    ‚ÄĘ 4.b) You are allowed to have 1 extra fading defense door for every 4 additional players in 1 base. ( Base Owner + 4 basemates = 4 Fading Doors)
  5. There must be AT LEAST one entrance to your shop/base. Any others, you are allowed to block off with it not being considered prop block.
    ‚ÄĘ 5.a) An entrance/exit needs to be clearly indicated by a different, yet fully visible, material/color.
  6. Your keypad granted length must be set so you have enough time to be able to get inside. (Minimum 5 seconds)
  7. Using the color/material tool to create invisible or barely visible props, buttons or keypads are not allowed. Every part of your base must be visible.
  8. You may not use buttons to close entrance fading doors after being opened, you may do so for shooting windows. 
  9. Shooting windows must be eye level while standing. You may not shoot someone from a non-eye-level window. (Roofs, Floors .etc)
    ‚ÄĘ 9.a) Shooting windows must be the same PHX size on both sides.
    ‚ÄĘ 9.b) Shooting windows don't count as fading doors and quick entrances/exits¬†are counted as a fading door.
    ‚ÄĘ 9.c) Both parties must be able to see and shoot each other at ALL times at a standing level.
    (Blind shooting is allowed) (Shooting from barely visible angles/distances aren't allowed)
    ‚ÄĘ 9.d) One-way visible props are not allowed.
    ‚ÄĘ 9.e) Precision shooting is not allowed. (Shooting through a player-made gap/hole/window smaller than 2 PHX units).¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†
  10. Using fake keypads/buttons or fall hatch/traps are NOT allowed. 
    ‚ÄĘ 10.a)¬†You are not allowed to use holes to drop grenades/explosives. This would be considered a trap base. (You cannot use an explosive to kill someone stuck between two fading doors).
  11. You may not build on the sidewalk/street under any circumstance as it is the government's property! (Jobs under the category "Sales and Service" and the Hobo and Pet jobs, are permitted to build non-defense structures, on the sidewalk.)
  12. You may NOT build while being raided.
  13. Do NOT bait your property. (Putting a KOS sign on a part of your property that is involved in public property! As well as putting a KOS sign on a house that has nothing in it.)
  14. The fountain and surrounding admin rooftops can only be built on by hobo classes. 
  15. You can ONLY base on your property. Building over/off your property is not allowed.
  16. Forcing users to either crouch, jump, parkour, precision walk, climb up map-ladders, glide, or lockpick/keypad-crack underwater, to get either in/out of your base is NOT allowed. (Players must be able to freely walk in and out without any problems).
  17. All bases MUST be able to be keypad crack-able.
  18. Sky bases are not allowed. (The Spaceman job is allowed to make sky bases as an exception).
  19. Maze bases aren't allowed. (Maze bases are when raiders are forced to turn into different hallways of defense to reach a new fading door https://imgur.com/a/SKU3s1L)
  20. Props with the non-reflective material are NOT ALLOWED. You MUST be able to shine a flashlight on it and have light reflect-off it so you can determine depth(s).
  21. You cannot hide inside no-collided props to avoid being shot at/bombed.
  22. Foot shooting bases or any bases of any sort above the water in the beach area are not allowed. (Building on the island is fine).
  23. Rooftop bases are allowed if you are fully using the base underneath itself. (Buying an empty base and only using the rooftop as a "base" is not allowed).
  24. You can only have a maximum of 2 turret's placed inside of a base.
  25. Anyone that wants to base with another person must be added to the front door of the base and be purchased by any sub-owners(clan members wanting to base, security guards, etc). Their job must abide all basing and job rules(refer to the Job Specifics Section). You cannot defend a clan/job base if you're not added to the door.
  26. Deliberately basing with new players to bypass the anti-raid feature that protects new players from being raided is not allowed!(This is a ban-able offence)
  27. If you have a visible "Building" sign, you are protected from the RP world given you have no raid-able entities, are not engaging in roleplay, and are inside your property. If you are being tampered with to a point where you are unable to build, call staff and they will assist you.
  28. Bases that have 4 or more players on a door is considered a "Clan Base".




  1. Government officials cannot have bases outside the PD, you may only base inside the PD itself.
  2. Government officials cannot add any additional KOS/AOS signs or override the already existing (KOS/AOS Past Point) textscreens within PD (The president can override these signs).
  3. Government officials are allowed to make one police checkpoint. (There must be a President to allow this).
  4. A police checkpoint is allowed to have two fading doors as long as there is an officer actively tending to it. If the checkpoint is left unattended for long periods of time, it should have a button or be completely open. 
  5. Government officials cannot arrest people for no reason. They can only arrest people if they are breaking default laws or custom laws set by the President.
  6. Government officials must fully see the illegals (Kidnapping/Printers/Drugs) in a player's base before they may issue a warrant.
  7. You can only weapon check people if they are going through a PD checkpoint, random weapon checking isn't allowed unless it’s a law.
  8. If a player is detected for having weapons via a metal detector, they cannot be arrested/killed unless a law states otherwise.
  9. If the PD is getting raided, you cannot come back if you die until your NLR is over.
  10. Government officials may use any weapon they please.
  11. The President cannot associate any individual or group as part of PD/Government nor allow them to enforce laws (e.g Person 1 is part of PD / is allowed inside the PD only,
  12. The President cannot hide around the map(to avoid being killed), you can ONLY hide/base inside the PD. (You MUST stay inside of the PD and not be running around on the streets.)
  13. The President may roam around the map only during his grace period (10 minutes). Once their grace period has ended, they must return to the PD. 
  14. The President cannot charge anything over $250,000 for a gun's license.
  15. Citizens that are carrying police equipment are AOS/KOS on sight.(Excluding the Unarrest Stick)



  1. The President cannot make bullshit/chaotic laws. (RDM is legal, Jaywalking is illegal, Disrespecting cops, anything related to verbal usage, etc as these cause chaos on the server. The staff has full rights to demote you from your job if you break this.)
  2. You cannot AOS/KOS any weapon/tool that does not inflict any harm onto a player (Ex Jetpacks, Hobo SWEP, Guitars, etc. Raiding tools are exempt).
  3. There cannot be a law that overrides the 3 default laws(i.e printers are legal, raiding is legal, etc) and/or targeting the standard Garry's Mod items (Physgun, Toolgun, Gravity Gun).
  4. An active gun license prevents an individual from being killed/arrested from any weapon-related laws. (Bludgeons and other tools don't fall underneath this)
  5. There cannot be any laws that AOS/KOS anyone with an active gun license.
  6. There cannot be any laws that legalize Random Search Warrants. 
  7. An additional law must be made in order to enforce lightsabers being made AOS/KOS.
  8. You can get arrested for vaping because it is considered as smoking. (If there's a law against it).
  9. Vapes, not the action of Vaping, can be made AOS only.


Raiding/Mugging Rules¬†ūüĒꬆ ūü館†

  1. Do not minge-raid (Raiding a base you know has absolutely nothing in it or raiding an unowned base just to shoot/kill people.)
  2. The police can raid to confiscate printers, drugs, and weapons but only with a valid warrant. They cannot steal legal items - Health, armor, and money.
  3. You must wait 5 minutes after raiding, and 20 minutes before raiding the same person again.
  4. You cannot raid the police department unless there are at least THREE(3) CP's/SWAT or a President online.
  5. You cannot destroy your own entities while being raided.
  6. The maximum mug amount is $9,000. You may not mug more than one people in a 5-minute span of time. You must also wait 15 minutes until you can mug the same person again.
  7. Revenge killing is not allowed. If a person has just killed a member of your clan, you may not kill him unless you've seen who killed him.
  8. The maximum time a raid must last is 10 minutes.
  9. You must advertise your raid outside of the structure you are raiding.
  10. When mugging, you must give the player time to drop money. Ten(10) seconds is the smallest amount of time allowed. (Always include the time in your mug message and the specific amount of money that must be dropped. Mug-Drop 9k in 10 seconds or Die)
  11. Players CANNOT be raided if they have a building sign in front of their base.
  12. You cannot advert raid from a far distance. The maximum distance would be 20 PHX away from the base's entrance.
  13. You cannot raid Hobo/Pet bases since they have nothing of value. (This would count as minge raiding)
  14. When you are mugging a player, they must be FULLY aware of them being mugged. (Use voice chat or single them and show/tell them they're being mugged.)
  15. You are allowed to keycode raid bases as long as you have knowledge of their keycode in RP. (If you die, you lose all knowledge, self-explanatory)
  16. When raiding a base, you are allowed to block off the base defenders cameras with a no-collided prop but you must undo your actions upon death.
  17. If your base is being raided, you cannot toggle your door(s) open/close during the entire raid to give the raiders a disadvantage.
  18. You may not raid new players with less than 4 hours of in game playtime, this is to help counter targeting newer players.
  19. Criminal activities relating to this sub-category are limited to 4 players max at a time. Clan related activities relating to this sub-category can have an unlimited amount of players.
  20. Defenders that die in raid may not return to defend after NLR timer.


Terror Attack & Bombing Rules¬†ūüí£

  1. You may ONLY Terror Attack as a terrorist, and ONLY bomb as Osama Bin Laden. 
  2. During a Terror Attack, you may kill any government officials, killing any civilians in the process will be considered RDM! (Your terror attack last for a maximum of 30 seconds).
  3. You must wait 20 minutes before bombing or doing another Terror Attack.
  4. This is not a raiding class, You may not assist in any raids or mug anyone.
  5. You can be killed/arrested for holding out a bomb.
  6. Only Osama Bin Laden may bomb. 
  7. You may not consecutively bomb an RDM Base. (Bombing, coming back and repeating multiple isn't allowed).


Kidnapping Rules¬†ūüēĶÔłŹ‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ

  1. The maximum time you may hold a person is 10 minutes.
  2. Do not minge kidnap (Do not kidnap just to kill them).
  3. The max money a person can pay to be released is $25,000
  4. You have to specify a ransom when victims are captured.
  5. Only when you bludgeon someone with your swep/weapon is it considered a kidnap. (Someone walking into a cage in your base and then trapping them is not a kidnap)
  6. Upon knocking someone out, you have a maximum of 5 seconds to advert and specifying what RP they should follow. (Ex. Stripping of weapons, broken hands, etc.)
  7. After your victim has served his 10 minutes of being captured, you must let them go. (KOSing them isn't allowed unless they cause any harm to you).
  8. If your victim has declined to pay bail, you have the option to either kill them, or let them wait their time in your jail-cell.


Clan Rules¬†ūüßĎ‚Äćūü§Ě‚ÄćūüßĎ

  1. Your clan name must be server appropriate and abide by all server rules. (Making inappropriate clan names may result in deletion or a name change.)
  2. You must have an active RP relation with your fellow clan member to defend them in RP Situations. (Me being a Cop and my clan member is a criminal then I can't protect them.)
  3. You may have a separate discord for your clan if you would like. (Don't self promote/advertise your discord in chat. (Use clan chat.) )
  4. You may only change your clan name every 30 days. (Choose wisely and have fun.)
  5. Clans/groups are not to have ‚Äúraid lists‚ÄĚ targeting specific players or clan/group¬†in any way. (Unless these clans are in a war)
  6. A clan/group may not create harmful environments for other players/clans.


Clan Zones¬†‚õĒ


1. Clans whos own zones may KOS members of rival clans attempting to capture their territory.                                                                                                                                                             

2. Clan members participating in the capture or protection of the zone may not build or place defenses within the zone.

3. Government officials may not capture clan zones.

4. You have to be in the circle to KOS rival clans attempting to capture the territory.



  1. You may only counter raid if you have some sort of RP relation AND are in a clan with them. (You must be actively basing there to defend the base that is being raided.)
  2. You may not just counter raid because you see someone raiding (Government Officials are excluded from this rule). You cannot defend a clan/job base if you're not added to the door.


Wardrobe Rules¬†ūüßļ

  1. Any player models that are smaller than 4 PHX units are not allowed. Both the model and the full-head itself must be above 4 PHX. (This includes while holding out a weapon off safety) ( https://cosmicnetworks.co/i/ov66jv.png )
  2. Using your model to head glitch isn't allowed. ( https://cosmicnetworks.co/i/5eomys.png )
  3. Abusing any model for any RP/non-RP situations is not allowed. (Wardrobe may be revoked from you).
  4. Any administrative models are not allowed. (Use common sense)


Advert Rules¬†ūüďĘ


Things you MUST Advert:

  1. PD/Bank Raids.
  2. Warn(Must warn users 3 times).
  3. Mug.
  4. Terror Attack.
  5. Raiding of any sort.
  6. RP Stripping

Things you MAY NOT advert:

  1. Steal.
  2. Hit Accepted/Completed.
  3. Pickpocket.
  4. Bombing.
  5. Kidnapping.


Job Specific Rules¬†ūüéď


Gun Dealers / Black Market Dealers:

  1. You must have a shop of some form.
  2. You must sell to everyone.
  3. You are allowed to sell for any price within the scope of RP.
  4. Gun Dealers/Black Market Dealers can base together but cannot base with criminal classes.
  5. You do not need a gun license as a Gun Dealer/Black Market Dealer to sell guns unless the President has added a law requiring you to have one.
  6. Self-Supply is NOT allowed unless supplying guns to yourself to protect your shop or you're the only dealer online.
  7. This job may not raid, kidnap or mug.

Hobo / Hobo King:

  1. Hobo's are allowed use any weapon they please.
  2. You are not allowed to make massive homes/bases.
  3. Hobos are allowed to play music through their microphone if stationary and away from the vicinity of bases.(Ear-raping bs isnt allowed)
  4. You can build on the sidewalk/streets as long as it's not prop blocked, forcing players to walk through a tiny gap or considered to be a massive base/structure.
  5. You are not allowed to have any money printing/raidable entities in your base.
  6. You may not own any property and must strictly build on the street/sidewalk.
  7. This job may not raid, kidnap, mug or base on any property.

Musician Man:

  1. Musicians are allowed to play music through their microphone if stationary and away from the vicinity of bases.(Ear-raping bs isnt allowed)
  2. You can build on the sidewalk/streets as long as it's not prop blocked, forcing players to walk through a tiny gap, or considered to be a massive base/structure. 
  3. If you do intend to build on the streets/sidewalks, you may not have any entities within your base/KOS signs.
  4. This job may not raid, kidnap or mug. 


  1. You're not allowed to own/have guns. Knives are allowed.
  2. You can kill someone for killing your owner or violating your owner's KOS sign if you are based with them.
  3. You can build on the sidewalk/streets as long as it's not prop blocked, forcing players to walk through a tiny gap or considered to be a massive base/structure
  4. You can only build on the sidewalk/street if you do not have an owner.
  5. You are not allowed to own any money printing entities.
  6. You may not own any property and must strictly build on the street/sidewalk (unless you have an owner with a base).
  7. This job may not raid, kidnap or mug.

Space Man:

  1. You may build a space station but not too big or massive base/structure as it may lag some players.
  2. You are allowed to make sky bases but they must be accessible from the ground.
  3. You may not own any property and must strictly build a sky base if you are/will be basing.
  4. This job may not raid, kidnap or mug.

Security Guard / Heavy Guard

  1. You must attempt to be hired.
  2. You cannot help raid or defend raiders as a bodyguard.
  3. You cannot be the President's bodyguard, as that title is reserved for Government Officials.
  4. This job may not raid, kidnap or mug.


  1. You cannot base with any raiding/criminal classes. 
  2. You cannot assist with any raiding/criminal classes illegal activities. 
  3. This job may not raid, kidnap or mug.

Rogue Medic:

  1. You cannot solo raid and required to raid with another raider on the same property being raided.
  2. You may NOT heal any government officials.
  3. You may refuse to heal other criminal classes if you desire.
  4. You are allowed to base with any criminal class.
  5. This job may not kidnap or mug.

Vape Lord / Little Vape:

  1. Do NOT constantly spam vape sound. When you are told to stop, you need to comply.
  2. No vaping at spawn at all times. Spawn is a no RP zone and this also lags players.
  3. This job may not raid, kidnap or mug.

Darth Vader / Skywalker:

  1. These jobs are strictly to KOS each other, nothing more, nothing less. Killing any civilians in the process will be considered RDM!
  2. This job may not raid, kidnap, mug or base.

Harley Quinn / Joker:

  1. The jobs are AOS to the Batman and Robin jobs.
  2. These jobs may not KOS Batman and Robin unless they initiate the contact (by attempting to arrest) first.

Batman / Robin:

  1. In addition to being law enforcement jobs, these jobs may AOS Harley Quinn and Joker classes on sight.

Supreme Ninja / Ninja:

  1. Ninja's don't have to call raid due to the fact that stealth is their number one weapon.
  2. This job may not kidnap, mug, or base.
  3. You can only use this class if you're actively raiding bases.


  1. You can only use weapons you spawn with on your class.
  2. You can kill one person every 10 minutes by typing: /advert Your time has come.
  3. This job may not raid, kidnap, or mug.

Hitman / Deadly Hitman / Assassin:

  1. You're NOT allowed to base/mug.
  2. You are allowed to raid if you have a hit on the person inside a base.
  3. If your hit is inside a base with a building sign, you cannot kill him. Only when he steps out of his base, then you're allowed to kill him.
  4. This job may not kidnap, mug or base.

Blood  / Crip Members:

  1. You may revenge kill an individual if you have witnessed your teammate(Blood and Blood; Crip and Crip) get killed.
  2. As a Blood/Crip, you may not base with the enemy gang. (Crips basing with Bloods, vice versa.)
  3. You are allowed to KOS each other (Bloods vs. Crips).
  4. This job may not kidnap.

Swamp Creature:

  1. You can only KOS people underground that are in the sewers, you can't shoot up from the sewers and kill people above ground.
  2. You can't kill other swamp creatures as a swamp creature. 
  3. You can only use weapons you spawn with on your class.
  4. This job may not raid, kidnap, mug or base.


  1. When you're arrested in prison and you spawn with a weapon, you're freely able to kill anyone you wish till your arrest timer is up (including if they escape into the public).

Fight Club Manager:

  1. You are allowed to make an RDM Base that has specific restrictions(Melee's only, Guns only, etc.) and must clearly state it in a text screen.
  2. The RDM Base exempts everyone, within the base's boundaries, from breaking the New Life Rule and allows an individual to come back.
  3. Fighting Clubs / RDM Bases made by the Manager is legal(cannot be arrested for killing inside the base) unless a law is stated otherwise.
  4. You can only make RDM Bases within the owned property(cannot build on streets/sidewalk/in space).
  5. This job may not raid, kidnap, or mug.

Trash Man:

  1. You cannot build on the side of the street/road. Refer to the building rules.
  2. This job may not raid, kidnap, or mug.


Use of Service¬†ūüźē‚Äćūü¶ļ


‚Äʬ†Cosmic Networks reserves the right to limit, revoke or suspend any player(s)¬†access to its server(s) and/or service(s)¬†at any time, with or without¬†reason(s)/refund.

‚Äʬ†You also recognize¬†our community's rules and/or guidelines and if at any given moment Cosmic Networks deems you've broken any rules of any sort, we reserve the right to permanently ban you from all Cosmic Networks server(s) and/or service(s) with or without reason(s)/refund.

     If you have any questions for rules/gray areas, check out our community FAQ

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